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Useful info about UAE

What you should and shouldnt do in UAE in order to feel safe and comfortable, how to avoid mistakes, dealing with authorities and so on.

Advice from UAE excursion company "Karma Tourism"!

  • If you are going to buy electronic devices in UAE, come over big shopping malls in your city and take price-lists in order to compare prices. Remember, that prices may be the same, but you have to pay for overweight on the way back and/or delivery.
  • Be careful, staying in the sun! It is necessary to use sun-cream with sun protection not less than 20.
  • Be careful, choosing dishes in cafes and restaurants. Not all Europeans like or tolerant to so spicy food. It is especially important for children.
  • Entrance to UAE: visa, customs, rules
  • Medicines in UAE
  • Respect UAE traditions!
  • Phone calls in UAE

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