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The Palm Islands

The Palm is the second object in the world, after the Great Chinese Wall, which can be seen from the moon.

These are three artificially created islands with 6 km in diameter - Jumeirah, Jebel-Ali and Deira, which represent a trunk and crown of a palm, consisting of 17 branches, around which there are two half-moons with quotations from the poetry of Prince Mohammed which could be translated so:

"To remain the lines on water one needs to have sagacity; great people set great tasks."

"Take wisdom from those, who possess it. Not everyone on a horse is a rider."

Tropical gardens, luxury hotels, aqua park with dolphins and sharks, underwater park and restaurant , golden mile (cafes, shops, restaurants), lots of villas with their own beaches, entertainment places, marine clubs - The Palm is an unique project.

There are near 26 architectural styles here, from Arabian to modern European.

Generally, the Palm trilogy intends to reflect the main idea of the city as the global tourist center. It will be rapidly developing town with 60 thousand people population, going to compete with Singapore and Hong Kong as business centers and with Las-Vegas as the capital of fun and entertainment.

When all islands are finished, the Dubai coast line will be increased by 520 km. There will be more than 100 luxury hotels, ten thousand exclusive villas, 5 thousand apartments, docks, aqua parks and so on.

With number 1 Jumeirah Palm is marked, 2 - Jebel-Ali, 3 - Deira Palm, 4 - Peace archipelago.

On the first stage of construction 1900 objects had been bought, even though they existed only on paper. Among buyers there were: 75% of UAE citizens, 15% foreigners, 5% Arabian peninsula citizens. Investors of the project are Dubai government, local and international banks.

They are going to finish it completely in 2009.

Website of the company-developer of this fantastic project www.nakheel.ae

under construction