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Shopping in UAE

One of the reasons why tourists from all the world are attracted to UAE is fantastic shopping in Emirates. There is everything you want - from top-notch electronic devices to ancient souvenirs. There are no taxes on profit, thats why prices are cheaper even in comparison with countries, exporting these goods. Dubai is the biggest golden center, which is often called "Customers Paradise".

Shopping festivals, held in spring and summer, are famous for their discounted sales.

Dont forget to bargain! That's the East!

During these festivals you can buy various goods at low prices and cheap goldware. The main shopping center is Dubai with its duty-free trade. There are also a lot of lotteries and you can win, for example, a car or one kg of gold.

Working hours of shops and institutions:

Thursday and Friday are days off in UAE, but shops and non-commercial organizations work on Thursday, though they have short working days.

Shops in UAE are opened from 8.00 to 19.00, break - from 13.00 to 16.00. Some shops are opened till midnight .

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