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Excursion to Dreamland Aqua Park

Excursion to Dreamland Aqua Park

Dreamland is fascinating both by water and on land. Family holidays will appeal to all ages. Theres an abundance of affordable activities with lots to offer. Looking for thrills? Here leisure activities are perfect for you. And if variety is the spice of your life, Dreamland fits the bill with a huge range of attractions even the UAEs largest Aqua Park.

The conditions are also ideal for cycling and jogging. A cycling route runs through the magnificent scenery and snake their way through the palm paths.

Whether you are drawn to the beach or the wilderness, you will enjoy a seaside holidays.
If your dream holiday features on land and in the water attractions, you cant go wrong with a holiday in Dreamland; temperatures are always warm and you can chill out with the family and friends. The tropical atmosphere will amaze young and old alike.
Water attractions, hills, pools, jacuzzi etc.

Bars on water, restaurants (not included in the price)

Exursion time: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 9.00-14.30

Adults - 50USD, children - 40 USD


Book at our agents on the beaches!

You can book an excursion by calling us:

9-272-38-20 (call from any UAE hotel is free)

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