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UAE Traditions: Arabic calendar, rules of behaviour.

Arabian calendar

Muslim age began in the middle of the seventh century, starting from Mohammeds escaping from Mecca to Medina. Arabian calendar is a traditional eastern moon calendar: an odd month consists of 30 days, even-29. 12 months compose a moon year (354 days), every third year is leap (355 days). Arabian calendar is 11 days shorter, than European, so the dates of religious holidays are shifted annually 11 days forward.

Try to follow the general rules of behaviour in UAE:

There is a tradition to take and give any things with the right hand.

You should ask for permission the people, you take picture of, when you shoot some public places.

It is prohibited to shoot governmental buildings, embassies, consulates, private mansions.

It is not recommended to take pictures of Muslim women (arrest for 3 nights), stare at them and express too much interest in them.

Women of other religions shouldnt sunbathe topless on the beach.

It is not acceptable to appear in public places in swimsuits.  

During sacred holiday Ramadan, which begins from the tenth day of the 12-th month of the Islamic calendar it is not acceptable to eat or drink on the street during daylight, no matter what religion you are of. The same rules are for chewing gum and tobacco. Muslims shouldnt be offered pork and alcohol.

It is strictly prohibited to consume alcohol in public places and streets, you can do it only in bars and restaurants, where they are offered for sale. Remember, that alcohol drinks, carried out from the shop, may be a reason for a fine.

There is a tradition - not to eat, walking on the streets and not to look at an eating person.

Do not wave your hand if you have a cigarette in it

Take your shoes off, entering the house.

For the trash thrown onto the street - 500 DH fine.

Consuming and buying drugs lead to15-year imprisonment, import and selling - to capital punishment.

There are paid and free of charge beaches in UAE. Enter costs 5 Dh. There are certain week days, when beaches can be visited by women of all nationalities and children (boys under 9 as well)

Dubai is one of the safest places in the world. There is tourist police, which staff speaks foreign languages.

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