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Entrance to UAE: visa, customs, rules

UAE have 6 international airports in Abu-Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Shardjah, Fudjairah and Ras Al Khaimah. After landing you will be met by travel company representatives or customs officer. You will get entrance visa and a bus to transfer you to the hotel, if it is included in the service.

Check if you didn't forget the following documents before leaving:

  • Passport, ticket, tour voucher
  • Bank permission (if you export more than 3000 USD per person)
  • Driving license, if you are going to rent a car
  • Birth Certificate, if you are traveling with children
  • Permission from both parents (for children, traveling without parents)
  • Permission from one of the parents (for children, traveling with one of parents)
  • Medical insurance

Tourists, coming to UAE, must have a visa. In some cases you may be refused to enter the country, if you have stamps/visas in your passport, showing that you have travelled to Israel, or if you have Israel citizenship, even if you have UAE visa.

Vaccination Certificate and Certificate of health are required only for those tourists, who come from the countries that are considered as dangerous and having widespread epidemics.

If you are going to get to the hotel by yourself, you can order a taxi (fares are higher, than in the city). You can also rent a car, but it is also more expensive, than from car rental companies in the city.

You can carry through the customs up to 2000 cigarettes (400 cigars, 2 kg of tobacco), 150 ml perfume, 2 l of strong alcohol drinks and 2 l wine for personal consuming, if only you are not a Muslim. Video materials and corresponding recorders and press, as well, are thoroughly checked and taken away, if they have erotic or religious elements which offend Moslem belief . It's prohibited to bring into the country drugs and psychotropic medicines, as well as medicines, containing them, guns, ivory, birds for hunting.

Do not try to bribe customs officer, if you are caught! There are no limits for currency and precious metals export.

We recommend not to buy goods right in the airport. They are cheaper in the city.

Check-out time in hotels is 12 am. You must pay for all supplementary services by that time and leave the room.

English is widely spoken in UAE, but you will be highly respected, if you use some Arabian words.

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