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Al Ain city, Emirates

Al Ain is the fourth largest city in the United Arab Emirates with a population of 421,948 people (2005 estimate). It is located in the emirate of Abu Dhabi (160 km to the east from the city), directly adjacent to the border with Oman.

It is the birthplace of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the first president of the United Arab Emirates.


Al Ain has several ancient forts - Al-Jahili, Eastern, Muraijib, Maziyad. In the north Hili is situated, the region with hot mineral springs and the main historical sight - Big Hili Tomb, which is 3-4 thousand years old. Besides, there is Public Hili Park with ice skating ring and entertainment Fun City Park, Zoo and aquarium Al-Ain.

There are two major shopping centres, Al Ain Mall and Al Jimi Mall, as well as traditional souks (markets) for fruit & vegetables and livestock.

Al Ain is a cultural retreat for residents of Dubai and Abu Dhabi cities. It is home to a major festival of classical music.

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