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Respect UAE traditions!


Don't eat walking and don't look at an eating person. You better take food and things with your right hand. Your feet shouldnt point to somebody. While shaking hands one shouldnt look in the eyes or keep hands in pockets or wave them. It is considered not polite to refuse from a cup of coffee. In order to refuse from one more portion of coffee you should swing your cup and say "shukran" (Thanks).


One shouldnt go round praying people and in front of them. Entering mosque and houses one should take his shoes off.

Alcohol and drugs

Koran prohibits consuming alcohol, but for foreigners this rule is not that hard. The only emirate which bans alcohol completely is Sharjah.

Being drunk in public places leads to a big fine or arrest and deportation. There are only few shops where you can buy alcohol. Carrying it out openly of the shop might be considered as selling and also might lead to punishment.

One may buy alcohol in hotel bar or restaurant, but only if he stays there and also if he is a client.

Driving drunk is considered as a serious violation and leads to a big fine and even imprisonment.

Consuming drugs leads to imprisonment up to 5 years and their export and selling to capital punishment.

Fine for trash, thrown in the street, is 500 dirhams, even if you just missed the trash bin.

How to behave with Arabian women

Superfluous attention to a woman might lead to imprisonment or fine of 60 thousand dirhams.

Respect other people

Using vulgarisms in public places or threatening somebody leads to imprisonment up to 7 years.

Taking photos

It's prohibited to take pictures of governmental buildings, sheikhs palaces, military objects and local women. One must be given permission to take pictures of UAE nationals.


Women shouldnt wear defiant clothes. According to Sharjah law, women must wear clothes, covering their arms, neck and knees. Even on the beach it is prohibited to appear topless and nude. In this emirate one must not appear on municipal beaches in swimming suits.

Carry documents along

You should always carry documents (better copies) with you - most of policemen work without uniform and thoroughly control people's obeying to traditional rules. Presumption of innocence is not considered as the basis of the local legislation. Checking documents in public places and even provocations from agents in civil dress take place quite often. 

Take care of yourself

One should drink bottled water. Use sun protection cream and drink as much as possible, preferably mineral water or fresh juice. Wear hats and sunglasses with ultraviolet protection. The most dangerous time in the open air is from 11.00 to 14.00.

Dont forget about the danger of air conditioners that can easily give you a cold. Some local dishes might lead to unpredictable reaction.


Ocean beaches with their strong waves and streams near the shore are unpredictable. Diving should be carried out only with a skilled instructor.

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