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United Arab Emirates
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United Arab Emirates

Excursion bureau Karma Tourism welcomes you to the United Arab Emirates!

On our site you can get all necessary information about UAE: country and sights, Arabic culture and people, useful and business information, wonderful landscapes of Emirates and tips for tourists travelling to UAE. We will help you to plan your trip in details.

We will open to you the mysterious world of Arab Emirates: civilization of big cities, desert oasis, magic charm of nature, ancient customs, wonderful excursions all around Emirates, which you will remember forever.


You will make the right choice, if you decide to travel with our company:

  • Our own comfortable buses with conditioners and TV- and video, jeeps with DVD and TV, modern cars will make your trip pleasant and unforgettable. Skilled guides will accompany you during your trip.
  • You will visit Sheikh Mohammed Palace, Egyptian Wafi Center, Dubai Zoo, the highest skyscraper of Abu-Dhabi - Hilton Baynunah, Transparent Mosque, camel farm, ancient forts and a lot of other sights.
  • Our digital audio- and video recording studio with the modern equipment is working for you and will help you to remember your trip for a long time.
  • For every new season we prepare excursion novelties, which become a pleasant surprise for our clients!

We wish you a wonderful rest in UAE with excursion bureau Karma Tourism!

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